Fine Art works
La Percezione della Vita
Il mio amico, lo sciamano... L’artista non è chi “fa cose” ma chi, in un percorso “à rebours”, quasi fosse il Melquiadès di Gabriel Garcia Marquez, trae dall’imponderabile, l’anima di un frattempo infinito, mai finito, mobile, sfuggente, ma pure materico, vibratile, pulsante.
Come in un romanzo, le immagini di Renato pongono domande.
Sensazione, suggestione, emozione.
Donatello Bellomo


Words fail us when confronted by mystery. Sometimes the breath itself is withheld.
The held breath lengthens and the view mists over. As the head spins we may have a momentary insight and glimpse a trace of another reality as a sliver opens to the beyond.
Ferruccio Giromini


Beyond the edge
Photography that departs from the traditional terms of reference, taking on the characteristics of dream, imagination and pure creativity.
Italo Zannier


Images in memory
The images impose themselves with the audacity of sublime works of art. We cannot escape from the messages that insinuate themselves into the heart of our being and stir memories we thought lost, or that have been left neglected.
Giuliana Scimé


Inner journey
The points of the photographic compass span antithetical points in life and death, as Begnoni’s project touches the realm of the epic.
Gary Michael Dault


These are images that go beyond the spectator's gaze to unveil and communicate universal ideas on what it is to be human and of the nature of the existential condition and destiny.
Manuela Zanelli



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